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The other way around

Du classique au jazz et ... vice versa

duo ferraiuolo maione 29.01.16 CRR ANNEC

A meeting between two pianists coming from sound worlds as different as classical music and jazz can underline the differences as much as the points of contact.
We found it natural, first of all as friends that we are, to look for a way to inspire each other, thanks to the genius of the authors more or less distant in time, but certainly who are for us shared passions in common.
Thus Chopin's Preludes, popular Neapolitan songs, jazz standards, songs from Prokofiev's Cinderella ballet became the materials with which the underlying verve of jazz influenced Orazio while the rigor of the classical did so with Fausto. In a continual melting pot of temporal categories, Chopin is already a great jazz musician, and jazz standards can belong to the repertoire of the previous century.
Put it in perspective by interpreting it, knowing that quite simply musicality will live on whatever its genre in the future.

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