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... en attendant la bombe

Associated with Art Brut, the work of Italian artist Giovanni Galli has only one goal: to sublimate the expectation of a liberating nuclear explosion that would allow her to become a woman, through his drawings. Concerned about how this bomb could explode inside him, Giovanni waits for the indications to discover the "correct" atomic formula. This obsession is at the heart of his graphic productions.

Galli has been designing since 1994 at La Tinaia, a creative workshop in the San Salvi psychiatric hospital in Florence. Gustavo Giacosa went to meet him to talk to him about his drawings, which are found in many Art Brut collections but are often misinterpreted. His graphic work is private and fantastical literature, not originally designed to be read and even less to be represented.

And yet ... Overwhelmed by the potential theatricality of this work, Gustavo Giacosa plunged into the imagination and writing of Giovanni Galli. Haunted by his questions and his most intimate thoughts, he embarked on a work of decryption, transcription and scenic translation of his drawings.

A show was born from the images taken from the artist's work: “GIOVANNI! ... waiting for the bomb ”. A scene conceived as a mental universe. A body consumed by the obsession with its own mutation. A being inhabited by the ghosts of Buster Keaton and Kazuo Ohno. A choreography of slow and furious movements.

The visionary poetry of this show reveals the loneliness, the inner conflict and the quest for identity of a man refusing the imposition of gender that has been assigned to him by society.

A “single on stage”, accompanied by the pianist and composer Fausto Ferraiuolo and supported by the external gaze of Philippe de Pierpont.

Concept, performance and direction Gustavo Giacosa

Original music performed on stage Fausto Ferraiuolo

Assistant director Philippe de Pierpont

Light designer Bertrand Blayo
Set design Dominique Guyot

Dissemination officer Carine Steullet

Production Company SIC 12

Co-production Châteauvallon / Le Liberté, national stage Toulon Provence Méditerranée

With the support of the Théâtre Bois de l'Aune in Aix-en-Provence and La Grange de Dorigny UNIL in Lausanne (CH).