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After studying literature at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral de Santa Fe (Argentina) and having had a first approach to theatre with the director and playwright Rafael Bruza, Gustavo Giacosa moved to Italy where he met Pippo Delbono in 1991. With Delbono’s company he pursued a professional training course and, until 2010, he took part in the company’s theatrical and cinematographic productions performing in the biggest theaters and at international festivals: Avignon Festival, Venice Biennale, Royal Shakespeare Company, Shizuoka Performing Arts Festival among others.

His experience of working with marginalized people and people with disabilities led him to reflect on the relationship with the other. Together with a collective of artists from the city of Genoa, in 2005 he set up the learned society ContemporArt ( . Since then, he has been researching on the relationship between art, mental illness and marginality in different artistic forms, becoming the curator of several exhibitions around this theme.

In 2010 he became the artistic director of the ContemporArt Ospitale D'Arte exhibition space in Villa Piaggio in Genoa and the artistic director of the annual multidisciplinary event “Transfigured Night”.

In 2012 he moved to France and with pianist and composer Fausto Ferraiuolo he founded the theater company SIC.12 based in Aix-en-Provence, which has since then become a platform for multidisciplinary artistic research and activity.




  • 2020 Giovanni, waiting for the bomb Scène Nationale  Châteauvallon-Liberté 

  • 2019 Rosso Pasolini Festival internazionale del teatro romano di Volterra (I)

  • 2018 On the way, Le L iberté Scène Nationale de Toulon

  • 2017 Nannetti, the astral colonel  Le L iberté Scène Nationale de Toulon


  • 2016 The house, CCAM, Scène Nationale de  Vandoeuvre Les Nancy  

                Nannetti the astral colonel, La Grange de Dorigny, Laussane (CH)


  • 2014 Suspended Bridges, Le Merlan Scène Nationale in Marseille.


  • 2013 In a future April, Pasolini , Halle Saint-Pierre Paris.



Exhibition curator:

  • 2020 À Deux Cité du livre Aix-en Provence (January 17> March 07)

  • 2019 Ghosts Maison Auguste Comte Paris (09> 17 March)

  • 2017 La Maison - Cité du livre Aix-en Provence (September 30> December 30)

  • 2017 Corps Collections de l 'Art Brut, Lausanne (CH) (November 17, 2017> April 29, 2018)


  • 2015 Franco Bellucci Gallerie Christian Berst, Paris (October 17> November 28)

               Eric Derkenne / Champs de Bataille, MAD Museum Liège (B) (September 27> December 31)

               Parole in cammino, Museo Magma, Follonica (I) (June 19> July 27)

               Banditi dell'arte, 3331 Arts Chiyoda Tokyo (J) (June 26> July 20)

               Eric Derkenne / Champs de Bataille, Collection de l'Art brut Lausanne (CH) (12 February> 10 May)



  • 2014 Eric Derkenne / Champs de Bataille '' Espace ABCD, Paris (25 October> 21 December)

               Melina Mater Matuta, Pinacoteca civica di Follonica (I) (7 June> 7 July)

               La Casa, Contemporart Ospitale d'Arte Space, Genoa (I) (August 19> September 19)

  • 2012 Banditi dell'Arte, Musée Halle Saint Pierre, Paris (23 March> 6 January 2013)


  • 2011 Des Rives, Mario Del Curto, Contemporart Ospitale d'arte, Genoa (I) (2 December> 10 January 2012 Se non è vero, è bello, Musée Grand Curtius, Liège (B)

               Corpo In Segno Espace Contemporart Ospitale d'arte Genoa (I)

  • 2010 We, those of the word always on the move Museo-teatro Commenda di Pré.Gênes (I)

  • 2008 Two but not two, Loggia della Mercanzia di Genova (I) (27 November> 27 December)




Associate curator in exhibitions:


  • 2014/15 L'Autre de l'art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Modern Art and Outsider Art (LAM). Lille Métropole.

  • 2013/14 Alone. In prison, in hospital, on the phone, in the street, in the woods, Museum of Contemporary Art, Modern Art and Outsider Art (LAM). Lille Métropole.

Actor and dancer in the shows of Pippo Delbono:

  • 2008 La menzogna, Teatro stabile di Torino (I)

  • 2006 Questo buio feroce, Teatro Argentina di Roma (I)

  • 2004 Urlo, Festival d'Avignon

  • 2002 Gente di plastica, Teatro delle passioni ERT Modena (I)

  • 2001 Il Silenzio, Festival di Gibellina (I)

  • 2000 Esodo, Teatro Storchi ERT Modena (I)

  • 1999 Itaca, Cantieri navali di Pietra Ligure (I)

  • 1998 Guerra, Festival di Asti (I)

  • 1997 Barboni, Teatro Nuovo di Napoli (I)

  • 1995 La Rabbia, Palazzo delle esposizioni Roma (I)

  • 1992 Enrico V, Teatro Ponchielli Cremona (I)


and for other Argentinian directors:


  • 1991 Nené, un ataque al corazón, directed by Daniel Vitale

  • Génesis y apocalipsis de un amor carmesí, text and direction: Edgardo Dib

  • 1990 Opus by Sandra Franzen directed by Rafael Bruza

  • 1989 El Desatino by Griselda Gambaro directed by Rafael Bruza

  • 1988 Pericones by Mauricio Kartum, directed by Raúl Kreig.


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