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Art Brut in the Giacosa Ferraiuolo collection


From 01 April to 03 December 2023, SIC12 Art Studio Rome presents "Corpo reminiscent", an exhibition of Art Brut from the collection of Gustavo Giacosa and Fausto Ferraiuolo.

The exhibition proposes a meeting between authors of different nationalities who make the relationship between body and memory the foundations of a personal visual mythology. "Body remembers" concludes a cycle of exhibitions corresponding to the three thematic cores that structure the collection. This cycle began with "A Due" which investigated the notion of double, mirror and otherness and continued with "Words on the way" around the graphic dimension of writing. 

Twenty-three authors are present in the exhibition: some “classics” of Art Brut such as Michel Nedjar and Oswald Tschirtner join more recent discoveries such as the Javanese Noviadi Angksapura or the Haitian Frantz Jacques known as Guyodo. Most of them create free from any cultural reference model and fully subscribe to the notion of Art Brut as defined by Jean Dubuffet. Others, while maintaining a stylistic radicality, maintain more complex relationships with creation and with the world of art. The curatorship of Gustavo Giacosa has integrated this diversity of approaches by pursuing the red thread that sees the body as the scene of a struggle between memory and oblivion. 

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