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Accompanied by his new trio, the Italian composer and pianist Fausto Ferraiuolo, presents “Suspended Bridges”.

The improvisation characterizes this last album, some pieces were recorded without having been prepared. Under the fingers of the artists, the notes fly away full of spontaneity and freshness ...

Ponts Suspendus / Suspension Bridges © ABEAT 2015



01 mucho gusto               f.  iron 6.55

02 tony                      f.  iron 5.58

03 for barry                  f.  iron 5.17

04 ponts suspendus           f.  iron 2.59

05 giampi samba              f.  ironwork 6.29

06 hayaku                     to.  banvile 4.29

07 how deep is the ocean          the.  berlin 7.24

08 ostuni                    m.  gargano 4.31

09 tgv                       f.  iron 5.51



Recorded at Bopcity Studio, Paris,  September 19, 2013

by Max Jesion

Mastered by Stefano Amerio at Artesuono studio, Cavalicco Udine, (IT) Photos: Talos Buccellati © 2015

Cover:  Marina Barbensi Design: Marina Barbens i

English translation: Simona Franzoni

French translation: Claire Margat

Produced by Fabrizio Gaudino for Abeatrecords

Fausto Ferraiuolo - slowly 

Mauro Gargano - c.basse 

Antoine Banville - drums



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